7 Potential dangers for your dog at Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and festive cheer will be in abundance, with Christmas trees, sparkling decorations and lots of delicious food being prepared throughout your homes. A brilliant time for all the family, even your dogs will be involved in the celebrations, which also reminds us to exercise a bit of caution as Christmas can also present some added dangers for your dogs.

This doesn’t mean you need to take drastic action to ensure your dogs safety; we’re just highlighting some potential hazards for you to bear in mind. That way you can ensure the perfect family Christmas!


1. Food hazards

A number of festive foods can be potentially harmful to dogs, including chocolate, onions, nuts, blue cheese, fruit cakes, puddings and mince pies, so be wary of leaving food within reach of your dogs. You should also look out for turkey bones as these can cause problems including choking and constipation.


2. Dangerous decorations

As pretty as Christmas decorations look, they can cause problems for our furry friends if you’re not careful! Baubles are often fragile and can easily break into shards if your dog takes a fancy to them, which presents the risk of blockages and irritation if swallowed. The same goes for tinsel, which can cause blockages if swallowed.


3. Christmas trees

If you’re opting for a real Christmas tree then be careful with the pine needles as they may cause vomiting or diarrhoea if swallowed. They could also cause irritation if they get stuck in paws and irritation to the intestines if eaten. Be sure to vacuum daily and keep the bucket topped up with water to reduce the number of falling needles.


4. Holly and Mistletoe

Holly and Mistletoe may be firm festive fixtures, but they are both toxic if ingested and can cause vomiting, drooling and diarrhoea. Make sure they’re well out of reach!


5. Lighting and candles

Your holiday lights will inevitably look delightful to your dogs and their undying curiosity. If your dog likes to chew things then you want to be wary of fairy lights as they might give themselves an electric shock. Also, if you’ve got candles on display then these should be out of reach as your dog could get badly burnt or create a fire hazard if they knock into them.


6. Gift wrapping ribbon

When the pile of Christmas presents has been opened then you may be left with discarded ribbons and bows, which could quickly become a choking hazard and if swallowed could require surgery to be removed. Be careful and dispose of them!


7. Batteries

With presents requiring batteries often being exchanged, you should be cautious with dogs potentially chewing them. Chewed batteries could cause chemical burns and heavy metal poisoning, whilst if they’re swallowed they could cause an obstruction and they’re potentially toxic.


Now you’ve got these tips in the back of your mind, you can get on with soaking up all the festive cheer. We hope you all have a great Christmas!

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